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About Rosalind C. Morris (sometimes called Roz)


All images on this site are my own. They may not be reproduced in any medium for any purpose.

Rosalind Morris is an anthropologist, cultural critic, and writer, who is Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University. She is also an award-winning documentarist and media artist - but this site is about her word work (you can find out more about her media work by visiting her company site at


Born in Canada and raised in a small mining community in the British Columbia Rockies before moving to Vancouver, Rosalind Morris's writing has been marked by a concern to understand the mysteries of language, the force of mass media, the lure of imagery, and the violence of 'natural resource' extraction economies. She has lived and worked, and attempted to learn from people in Southeast Asia (mostly Thailand), and southern Africa (mostly South Africa). Her research in these places has been accompanied by an interest in and collaboration with artists who work in various media. Her education includes degrees from the University of British Columbia (BA), York University, Canada (MA), and the University of Chicago (PhD). And her awards and honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship (2022), residential fellowships from the Institutes for Advanced Studies in Princeton and Stellenbosch, and the Institute for Media Technology and Cultural Philosophy in Weimar, Germany. She has also been a recipient of the Berlin Prize at the American Academy in Berlin, where she was the inaugural Mellon Fellow in the Humanities. At Columbia she has been recognized with a Lenfest Distinguished Faculty award and the GSAC Graduate Mentoring Award. In 2023, she will be Senior Research Fellow at the Leuphana Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and Society.

Rosalind Morris's writings range as widely as her curiosity. Believing that different forms of expression permit different kinds of questioning and thinking, her textual oeuvre transcends genre and moves between the empirically rigorous and the theoretically speculative. It includes scholarly monographs and articles, essayistic prose, poetry and libretti. You'll find selections from all of these genres on this site.

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